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Aalcan Guttering: Your One-Stop Shop for Rainwater Products in Sydney

As a homeowner, ensuring that your property is well-maintained and protected from the elements is crucial. One aspect of your home that requires regular maintenance and attention is your rainwater system, particularly your gutters and downpipes. Neglecting your gutter system can lead to various issues, including water damage to your roof and walls, mould and mildew growth, and even structural damage to your home.

If you’re based in Sydney and need gutter replacement sydney, restoration, or leaf protection products, look no further than Aalcan Guttering. With over 40 years of experience in the gutter market, Aalcan Guttering is the largest supplier and installer of rainwater products in the Sydney area. Here’s why you should choose Aalcan Guttering for all your rainwater system needs:

Prepainted Continuous Aluminium Guttering

Aalcan Guttering specialises in prepainted continuous Aluminium guttering, rolled seamlessly on-site. This method ensures no leaks at joints, making it a reliable and long-lasting solution for your rainwater system. In addition, the Guttering Sydney is wholly rustproof and will not crack or go brittle over time. The low front and high back design of the Guttering ensures that your home is protected from overflow and blockages, even during heavy rain.

Roof Restoration

Aalcan Guttering offers roof restoration services to bring your old roof back to its former glory and increase its longevity. Their experts can use a premium cleaning and painting system to clean and paint both tile roofing and terracotta roofing. Restoring your roof will improve its appearance and protect it from harsh Australian weather conditions.

Metal Roofing

As a distributor and recommended installer of Australia’s leading roofing products, Aalcan Guttering can correctly specify the most suitable and structurally sound colorbond metal roof or zincalume metal roof to fit your house or commercial property. Metal roofing is a durable and long-lasting option that can withstand harsh weather conditions, making it a popular choice for many homeowners.

Leaf Protection Products

If you’re tired of constantly cleaning your gutters and downpipes, Aalcan Guttering has a range of leaf protection products. They install Aluminium leafguard, gutterseal, and gutter guard in various colours, so you can find a solution that best suits your home’s aesthetic. The CSIRO approves the gutter guard and is available in high density PVC and Aluminium gutter mesh, ensuring that your gutters remain clear of leaves and debris all year round.


Keeping your home cool during the summer months can be challenging without relying on air conditioning. Aalcan Guttering installs whirlybirds to help cool your house in summer and remove moist and damp air in winter. The Turbo Ventilator, which has an Aerodynamic Propeller Fan, is a particularly effective option for homeowners looking to improve their ventilation.

Rainwater Tanks

With water restrictions becoming increasingly common in Australia, having a reliable water source for your home’s needs is essential. Aalcan Guttering offers several types of rainwater tanks, including Slimline tanks, which have an internal pump and a sizeable 2500-litre capacity. All water tanks carry substantial warranties and are made from UV-stabilised food-grade polyethylene, ensuring your water is safe and clean for your family’s use.

At Aalcan Guttering, they pride themselves on offering a quality product at an affordable price and a reliable and family-friendly service. Their team of experts will work with you to find the best solution for your rainwater system needs, whether gutter replacement, restoration, or leaf protection products. With their range of products and services, Aalcan Guttering is your one-stop shop for all your rainwater system needs in Sydney.


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